Why the name Freebody?

It's the name of our father, William Freebody Myers. He's the most influential person in our lives. He taught us what it means to be a true gentleman; how to carry ourselves, not just in our mannerisms but the way we dress and importantly, how we relate to those around us.

It's an impact that's still challenges and grows us and we just want to share it with everyone


I can't think of many other substitutes, but what make a fashion label a fitting honour Why did you chose to honour him with a fashion brand - with a watch brand?

He frequently expressed the importance of being accountable with our time one this earth. Not to say he was strict or run a tight ship but he was very deliberate about what he spent his time on.  He was rarely late to anything (a trait we are still developing). It's a major contributing factor to why we think a watch is a fitting product to start off the brand.

What do you think sets you apart from the already saturated watch market.

Our design concept is bold, with a unique dial and a slim case. Each series of watches has a different concept, from the KR series with its unique African names, to the GS series with its minimalist design. Each watch has a symbolic meaning. Take for example, the Amara from the KR series. Amara comes from the native Igbo language, meaning "graceful" and "kindness". The Amara collection therefore features an elegant white face with a slim and simple design.  There are some notable brands out there no doubt, but what we offer is the opportunity for people to be part of quite a unique story.


Where do you find inspiration?

Our biggest inspiration is Freebody himself, the sole drive of our designs is to channel his demeanor. Our cultural background also plays an integral role in our design process. We look to our African heritage and current surroundings, and try to blend the traditional with the modern. Our end result is a minimalist and modern timepiece, with a significant cultural meaning.